Recruitment process

1. Demand and Documentation: The Employer shall provide a demand letter to the Agency (Himal Recruitment Services Group) for the recruitment purpose. Employer should also provide all required documents to Overseas Agency for recruitment process according the host country’s emigration rules or overseas recruitment procedures.

2. Company Registration: Employer must register their company in the Indian embassy and shall provide all legal documents from embassy as per new regulation to deploy the manpower from India.

3. Visas for Delegate: If the employer wishes to go for the overseas interview, Himal Recruitment Services Group will provide all support service and guidance to arrange visas for the employer delegates. The cost of the visas should be borne by the employer.

4. Overseas Interview & Expenses: The air ticket cost for the employer delegates should be borne by the employer. All other remaining expenses such as accommodation, advertisement, trade center expenses, local transport etc. will be borne by the agency.

5. Overseas Interview Arrangement: Himal Recruitment Services Group will make available the pre-screened application to the employer as requisitioned and its representative will have the final authority on the selection of the personnel for employment.

6. Overseas Interview & Selection: The Agency is responsible to arranging overseas interviews for a minimum of 25 plus candidates per interview session. For less than 25 workers, Himal Recruitment Services Group will provide documents after conducting interviews by the agency according to the U.A.E standards. For these selected workers by Himal Recruitment Services Group, the agency will provide guarantee as well.

7. Documentation: After interview& selection by employer delegates, Himal Recruitment Services Group will check medical report and required documents for the visas and will submit complete documents to the employer within 7 days.

8. Employment Visa Cost: It is the responsibility of the employer to provide visa and work permit to the selected candidates.

9. Deployment of Workers: It is the responsibility of the Himal Recruitment Services Group to make the necessary travel arrangements to deploy the workers within 15-21days from the date of receiving the visa copy from the employer. Employer shall provide complete required documents to the Embassy of India for Indian workers to deploy on time.

10. Air Ticket for Joining: Joining air ticket depends on the nationality and categories, mutually decided by the employer and Himal Recruitment Services Group.

11. Visa Submission and Receiving the Workers from Airport: It is the responsibility of the employer to receive workers from the airport. All visa submission costs and transportation costs shall be borne by the employer.


12. Himal Recruitment Services Group guarantees for 90 days that the workers recruited through Himal Recruitment Services Group. If the selected workers are unfit for the job they applied for or they are medically unfit, Himal Recruitment Services Group will pay the visa and work permit cost including the air ticket to go back. The employer shall provide replacement immediately after Himal Recruitment Services Group pays the above said amount to cancel the worker.

During the probation period if the employee decides to resign on his own will, Himal Recruitment Services Group will be liable for the replacement of the employee and re-payment of visa cost and other related costs for the replacement.
All other terms of service shall be in accordance with the U.A.E Labor Laws.
Any other terms can be discussed and negotiated if required.